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Early Cardiovascular Disease Linked To Worse Brain Health In Middle Age

People with early cardiovascular disease may be more likely to have memory and thinking problems and worse brain health in middle age.

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Nightmares In Middle Age Linked To Dementia Risk

People who experience frequent nightmares in middle age are more likely to be diagnosed with dementia later in life, according to research at the University of Birmingham.

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Exercise During Middle Age May Prevent Age-Related Chronic Diseases

Middle-aged endurance athletes have better control of blood pressure and higher arterial elasticity (a noninvasive measure of cardiovascular risk) than sedentary adults in the same age group.

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How aging men can easily reverse bone loss

Men gradually lose bone mass as they age, which puts them at risk for developing osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones weak and prone to breakage.

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Boomers unhappiest over their own sex life

Only 7 percent of people between 45 and 65 describe themselves as extremely satisfied with their sex lives. And nearly a quarter of the middle-aged Americans say they are dissatisfied. Even among seniors, fewer are dissatisfied.

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Pain in the back widely over treated

By Lauran Neergaard WASHINGTON — “Why did they cut you?” The shocking question came from a respected spine surgeon tracked down by Keith Swenson, who was still in severe pain after an earlier back operation. He didn’t know what to believe. Two other surgeons had urged more operations, different ones. And Swenson, who’s from Howard […]

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