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Robin Hancock, a nature meditation guide, joined the team of 40 volunteer airport chaplains at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to provide people with “a piece of calm in whatever storm is going on at that moment.” (Katja Ridderbusch)

Airports Step Up Mental Health Assistance As Passenger Anxiety Soars

Robin Hancock gently worked her steel tongue drum with a pair of mallets, producing a set of soothing, mystical tones. They blended with the soft sound of chirping birds and bubbling creeks pouring from a Bluetooth speaker.

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Cocoa May Protect Your Heart When You’re Stressed

Increased consumption of flavanols could protect people from mental stress-induced cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart disease and thrombosis, according to new research.

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Grandparents Lost A Year, But Now There’s Hope

No sleepovers with popcorn and Disney movies. No dance recitals or holiday pageants, let alone any Grandparents’ Day for visiting the kids’ classrooms.

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One In 10 Older Adults Have Gotten A ‘Pandemic Pet’

A lot of the attention around “pandemic pets” has focused on families with children getting a cat, dog or other pet in 2020, during a time when many people were learning or working from home. But a new poll shows that older adults also got in on the trend.

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Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers Must Reopen For Mental Health Sake

For nearly a year, nursing homes and assisted living centers have been mostly closed to visitors. Now, it’s time for them to open back up and relieve residents of crushing isolation.

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For Valentine’s Day, Bring Joy To An Older Family Member

Bringing joy to older family members is challenging as loved ones take special precautions to keep them healthy, including limiting or eliminating visits and other activities that can cause COVID-19 to spread. 

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