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Moving More May Be Linked To Sharper Memory

Older adults who move more, either with daily exercise or even simple routine physical activity like housework, may preserve more of their memory and thinking skills.

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Eating Mushrooms May Reduce The Risk Of Cognitive Decline

Older adults who consume more than two standard portions of mushrooms weekly may have 50 percent reduced odds of having mild cognitive impairment.

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Report Finds Few Of Us Get Routine Memory Checkups

Medicare pays for an annual “wellness visit” that is supposed to include what’s called a cognitive assessment — a brief check for some early warning signs of dementia.

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In Just Six Months, Exercise May Help with Thinking Problems

After six months of exercise, study participants’ scores on thinking tests improved by the equivalent of reversing nearly nine years of aging.

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Seven Tips For Better Brain Health

Being active socially, physically, and mentally may actually prevent memory loss in those who start showing signs of forgetfulness.

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How Much Exercise Do You Need To Improve Thinking Skills?

Researchers reviewed all of the studies where older adults were asked to exercise for at least four weeks and their tests of thinking and memory skills were compared to those of people who did not start a new exercise routine.

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