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A virtual reality experience

Future geriatricians ‘become’ a virtual 74-year-old patient

Imagine sitting across from your doctor. He’s speaking to you, but you can’t hear him clearly. There’s a large black smudge where his face should be, so you’re unable to really read his lips.

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Take the time to plan for healthy travel

By Dr. David Rideout The busy summer travel season is just a few short months away, and many of you have spent some time and energy in making sure that all the details of your trip have been thoroughly planned. Whether you are planning a vacation domestically or abroad, part of the planning should include […]

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Holistic approach for elder care gaining in popularity

When it comes to serving patients in the next 20 years, that holistic approach — looking at all components of a person’s social, emotional and physical well-being — will increasingly serve an aging population.

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