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Critical Positions Vacant For Social Security and Medicare

Key posts overseeing the financial health of Social Security and Medicare have been vacant  in the face of dire predictions about approaching insolvency.

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Medicare Coverage Limits Put Your Vision Needs At Risk

Many people who have relied on a vision plan as part of their employee benefits package during their working adult life are surprised when they turn 65 and convert to Medicare. 

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Medigap Plans Are Changing: What You Should Know

At the end of 2019, the doors will close on Plan F, which is considered the Cadillac plan of supplemental insurance policies known as Medigap.

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Medicare Patients May Lower Cost Of Drugs By Not Using Their Insurance

Researchers compared out-of-pocket costs for 30-day supplies of 27 different drugs for conditions related to cardiovascular disease.

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Trump Administration Sinks Teeth Into Paring Down Drug Prices, On 5 Key Points

Three months after President Donald Trump announced his blueprint to bring down drug prices, administration officials have begun putting some teeth behind the rhetoric.

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1,400 Nursing Homes Get Lower Medicare Ratings Because Of Staffing Concerns

Nursing home industry officials have acknowledged that some facilities are struggling to meet the new payroll reporting requirements.

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