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California Blows The Doors Off Medicaid Asset Limits

Paying for long term care, whether in a nursing home or care at home, has been a major challenge for the elderly and disabled, because Medicare covers only a very short stay for nursing facilities, and custodial home care is very limited as well.

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What Stalemate On Capitol Hill Means for Your Drug Prices

As President Joe Biden’s government overhaul stalls in Congress, tensions are mounting over what changes, if any, could come for Americans at the pharmacy counter.

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Medicaid: Biden Has a Chance To Cut Deals With Red State Holdouts 

President Joe Biden has an unexpected opening to cut deals with red states to expand Medicaid, raising the prospect that the new administration could extend health protections to millions of uninsured Americans.

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Medicare for All: What Happens To Medicaid?

One of the most controversial health care debates in the upcoming federal elections is the creation of a single, federal-level, universal health insurance program known as “Medicare For All.”

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California Nursing Home Residents Told To Find New Homes

California and other states increasingly are moving their Medicaid patients into managed care, arguing that the model saves money and also improves members’ health by coordinating care.

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Give Me Your Poor Who Can Stand On Their Own Two Feet

On Aug. 12, the Trump White House proposed an 837-page rule which would deny green cards to many migrants who entered our country legally.

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