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Why Long-Term Care Insurance Falls Short for So Many

The private insurance market has proved wildly inadequate in providing financial security for most of the millions of older Americans who might need home health aides, assisted living, or other types of assistance with daily living. 

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As Long-Term Care Staffing Crisis Worsens, Immigrants Can Bridge The Gap

When Margarette Nerette arrived in the United States from Haiti, she sought safety and a new start. The former human rights activist feared for her life in the political turmoil following the military coup that overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991.

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Britain’s Hard Lessons From Handing Elder Care Over To Private Equity

A little over a decade ago, Four Seasons Health Care was among the largest long-term care home companies in Britain, operating 500 sites with 20,000 residents and more than 60 specialist centers.

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Washington State Retools First-in-the-Nation Long-Term Care Benefit

Patricia Keys, 71 and a stroke survivor, needs help with many everyday activities, such as dressing and bathing. Her daughter Christina, who lives near her mom in Vancouver, Washington, cares for her in the evenings and pays about $3,000 a month for help from other caregivers.

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California Blows The Doors Off Medicaid Asset Limits

Paying for long term care, whether in a nursing home or care at home, has been a major challenge for the elderly and disabled, because Medicare covers only a very short stay for nursing facilities, and custodial home care is very limited as well.

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For Older LGBTQ+ Adults, Entering A Nursing Home Can Feel Like Coming Out Again

As the United States continues to recognize, include and protect the LGBTQ+ community, one part of that group may not come to mind immediately: older adults.

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