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Age Vs. Genetics: Which Is More Important For Determining How We Age?

Amid much speculation and research about how our genetics affect the way we age, a University of California, Berkeley, study now shows that individual differences in our DNA matter less as we get older and become prone to diseases of aging, such as diabetes and cancer.

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Women Already Live Longer: They Can Live Better With Improved Diet

Women tend to live longer than men but typically have higher rates of illness. Now, new research suggests these higher rates of illness can be improved by a better diet.

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Moving Long-Distance Shows Where You Live Affects Longevity

 Would you like to live longer? It turns out that where you live, not just how you live, can make a big difference.

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Longevity: Any Exercise Is Good Exercise Says Study

It turns out that the social aspect of exercising may be just as important as its physical benefits. 

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Gen X Faces More Years Of Ill Health Than Baby Boomers

Despite expecting to live longer, people in their 40s and 50s are likely to suffer more years of ill health than older generations now in their 60s and early 70s.

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Vitamin K May Offer Protective Health Benefits In Older Age

Vitamin K, found in leafy greens, is linked with lower risk of death over 13 years in study of older adults.

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