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Moving Long-Distance Shows Where You Live Affects Longevity

 Would you like to live longer? It turns out that where you live, not just how you live, can make a big difference.

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Longevity: Any Exercise Is Good Exercise Says Study

It turns out that the social aspect of exercising may be just as important as its physical benefits. 

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ill health

Gen X Faces More Years Of Ill Health Than Baby Boomers

Despite expecting to live longer, people in their 40s and 50s are likely to suffer more years of ill health than older generations now in their 60s and early 70s.

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Vitamin k

Vitamin K May Offer Protective Health Benefits In Older Age

Vitamin K, found in leafy greens, is linked with lower risk of death over 13 years in study of older adults.

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Mary Lyons shows off her agility before a group ride in Austin, Texas, on Dec. 3, 2019. (Julia Robinson for KHN)

Brain Scientists Tap Into The Secrets Of Living Well Longer

Retired state employees Vickey Benford, 63, and Joan Caldwell, 61, are Golden Rollers, a group of the over-50 set that gets out on assorted bikes for an hour of trail riding and camaraderie.

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Optimism, aging

Optimism Linked To Lower Risk Of Heart Problems, Early Death

Those who were optimistic had a 35 percent reduction in risk of cardiovascular events, heart attack, stroke, and cardiac death, when compared to the pessimistic subjects in the study.

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