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Longevity Literacy: You’ll Probably Live Longer Than You Think

Women often don’t score as well as men in surveys of financial literacy. One area where we seem to do better is “longevity literacy,” or understanding how long we’re likely to live.

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Are You an Optimist? Your Health May Depend On It

When you think about the future, do you expect good or bad things to happen? If you weigh in on the “good” side, you’re an optimist. And that has positive implications for your health in later life.

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Do women age differently from men?

The life expectancy of women is significantly higher than that of men. However, women also suffer more often from age-related diseases and adverse drug reactions.

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Coffee Drinking Is Associated With Increased Longevity

Drinking two to three cups of coffee a day is linked with a longer lifespan and lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared with avoiding coffee, according to new research.

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Life & Mortality: How We Plan For Old Age

Older people have to make important decisions about their remaining life years, such as how to invest savings and manage properties, changes in employment status and retirement.

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Discover The Factors For Living A Long Life

While genetics play a large part in determining human life span, research has found that environmental influences can have an even greater impact.

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