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State Lawmakers Propose Tough New Bills to Curb Drug Costs

Fed up with a lack of federal action to lower prescription drug costs, state legislators around the country are pushing bills to penalize drugmakers for unjustified price hikes and to cap payment at much-lower Canadian levels.

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Looking out for seniors: Maine lawmakers get back to work

As state lawmakers get back to work, advocates for seniors say they should put more focus on the needs of the aging population in the “oldest” state in the nation.

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Balancing work and family, states starting to help

Lawmakers in many states this year are trying to make life a little easier for Americans struggling to balance work and family obligations.

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Medicaid not meant to shoulder burden of care

The extent to which families rely on Medicaid to pay for long-term care means the program’s money is being stretched way too thin.

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Bay State’s elder driving tests closer to becoming reality

“Just today, one of the most trusted authorities on car and driver safety, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), reported that crash rates for older drivers have gone down over the last decade, defying predictions that older driver crashes would go up as the American population ages.”

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Obama and GOP bicker over doctors’ Medicare pay

President Barack Obama is asking Republican lawmakers to approve billions of dollars in new spending to avert a scheduled 21 percent cut in payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients.

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