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Democrats Eye Medicare Negotiations to Lower Drug Prices

Democrats, newly in control of Congress and the White House, are united behind an idea that Republican lawmakers and major drugmakers fiercely oppose: empowering the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate the prices of brand-name drugs covered by Medicare.

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Hospital Prices Just Got a Lot More Transparent

Hospitals face the new year with new requirements to post price information they have long sought to obscure: the actual prices negotiated with insurers and the discounts they offer their cash-paying customers.

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Do You Know What’s In Your Dietary Supplements?

The Food and Drug Administration has mandated that all dietary supplement products feature updated labeling by January 2021 to reflect the evolution of the American diet.

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Give Me Your Poor Who Can Stand On Their Own Two Feet

On Aug. 12, the Trump White House proposed an 837-page rule which would deny green cards to many migrants who entered our country legally.

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Why You Should Get Your Beneficiary Designations Right

when you sign up for a life insurance policy, retirement account such as 401 (K), IRAs, or other investment accounts, you are required to list a beneficiary who will receive the proceeds when you pass.

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How to Protect Your Loved One’s Inheritance

Statistically, inherited money is spent at a considerably faster rate than a person’s earned or saved money.

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