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65+ and Lonely? You Don’t Need Another Prescription

Lonely, older adults are nearly twice as likely to use opioids to ease pain and two-and-a-half times more likely to use sedatives and anti-anxiety medications.

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Cooped Up For More Than A Year: Tips Get You Back In The Game

Alice Herb, 88, an intrepid New Yorker, is used to walking miles around Manhattan. But after this year of being shut inside, trying to avoid covid-19, she’s noticed a big difference in how she feels.

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Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers Must Reopen For Mental Health Sake

For nearly a year, nursing homes and assisted living centers have been mostly closed to visitors. Now, it’s time for them to open back up and relieve residents of crushing isolation.

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For Valentine’s Day, Bring Joy To An Older Family Member

Bringing joy to older family members is challenging as loved ones take special precautions to keep them healthy, including limiting or eliminating visits and other activities that can cause COVID-19 to spread. 

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Older Adults Isolated But Resilient In Pandemic Era

Since the pandemic’s descent, they have generally been viewed as among those at higher risk — older Americans, some of them medically vulnerable, figuring out how to navigate life in a COVID-saturated, increasingly isolated world.

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Mental Health Management When We’re Forced Indoors

As the colder weather forces more people indoors concern is growing over the mental health implications of isolation.

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