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Beware Of Scammers Pretending To Be From Social Security

Last week I received six recorded calls purportedly from the Social Security Administration (SSA) informing me that my Social Security number was being deactivated.

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As Hospitals Post Sticker Prices Online, Most Patients Will Remain Befuddled

As of Jan. 1, in the name of transparency, the Trump administration required that all hospitals post their list prices online.

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Discover 9 Bills Where You Can Cut A Better Deal

The word “bills” used to be synonymous with “fixed expenses.” But there’s nothing fixed about many of the bills a typical household pays today.

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Why aren’t older folks using online tools for medical information?

Even though most seniors have cell phones and computers, they still don’t go online to find answers to medical questions, contact doctors or fill prescriptions.

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A new challenge for family caregivers: The Internet

What should family caregivers do when their loved one is checking in on social media at the bank, essentially announcing their whereabouts?

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Downsizing? Setting up a new home is a click away

In a connected world, nesting’s a lot easier than it used to be. There are apps and websites that streamline many aspects of setting up and dismantling a home.

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