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Sarah Witter fractured two bones in her lower left leg while skiing in Vermont last February. She ended up having two operations, totaling nearly $100,000 — the second to replace a plate that broke after the first surgery, through no fault of Witter’s. (Matt Baldelli for KHN)

After Her Skiing Accident, An Uphill Battle Over Snowballing Bills

Sarah Witter couldn’t get a break even though her leg had gotten several.

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Medicare Advantage Riding High As New Insurers Flock To Sell To Retirees

Since 2010, enrollment in Medicare Advantage has doubled to more than 20 million enrollees, growing from a quarter of Medicare beneficiaries to more than a third.

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Medicare Open Enrollment: What You Need To Know

If you are not happy with your Medicare coverage, now is the time to make a change.

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Medicare Coverage Limits Put Your Vision Needs At Risk

Many people who have relied on a vision plan as part of their employee benefits package during their working adult life are surprised when they turn 65 and convert to Medicare. 

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Bernie Sanders promoting Medicare For All

Why ‘Medicare For All’ Better Cost More

Recent polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation suggests that more than half of all Americans support a national health plan, an increase from 40 percent 20 years ago.

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Medicare Patients May Lower Cost Of Drugs By Not Using Their Insurance

Researchers compared out-of-pocket costs for 30-day supplies of 27 different drugs for conditions related to cardiovascular disease.

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