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Should You Give Your Children An Equal Inheritance?

Your estate plan may be your last words to those you leave behind. If you’re a parent, you should think carefully about the message you’ll be sending.

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Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff

Estate appraiser Julie Hall advises downsizing clients not to take it personally when their adult kids don’t want their furniture and other possessions.

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How Not To Inherit Mom’s Timeshare

Timeshare owners James and Barbara Ruh enjoy their annual vacations in Hawaii, but they don’t want their daughters to be obligated to take over the contracts when they die.

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How to Protect Your Loved One’s Inheritance

Statistically, inherited money is spent at a considerably faster rate than a person’s earned or saved money.

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Protecting your Children’s Inheritance

By Linda T. Cammuso When parents name a child in a will or trust, or list the child as a joint owner on an asset (e.g. a bank account) or as a beneficiary of life insurance or an IRA/401K, the asset becomes the child’s property upon the parent’s death. Today more than ever, parents are […]

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Avoiding mismanagement of inheritances by your grandchildren

By Linda T. Cammuso With the economic challenges families face today, grandparents are increasingly looking to leave an inheritance for their grandchildren — whether to help pay for education, or just to alleviate their children’s financial burdens. You may have thought about leaving something to your grandchildren, but are concerned about how they will use […]

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