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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick: Steps To Take For A Healthy Body

We know that germs can make you sick, but if you seem to constantly be under the weather with cold symptoms, could it be something other than germs that are getting you down?

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Reducing Your Risk of Getting Sick During Holiday Travel

Travel forces people into often-crowded airplanes, automobiles and airports. And there’s the sharing of hugs and kisses with loved ones upon arrival at their destination.

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Don’t chalk it up to ‘growing old’ if this happens to you

Peoples’ bodies do change as they get on in years. But this is a gradual process. Fatigue, weakness and depression, among several other common concerns, aren’t to-be-expected consequences of growing older.

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Help for older adults suffering mental illness

For some battling mental health issues, it’s all about taking those tiny steps. For older individuals, the challenges can be greater.

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Medical test surprises: What should you know?

It is a growing side effect of modern medicine: A test for one condition turns up something completely unrelated. It might be a real danger, or an anxiety-provoking false alarm.

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