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As Hospitals Post Sticker Prices Online, Most Patients Will Remain Befuddled

As of Jan. 1, in the name of transparency, the Trump administration required that all hospitals post their list prices online.

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More Observation Followup Needed For Elderly in Hospitals

When elderly patients stay in U.S. hospitals for observation but aren’t officially admitted, there’s a high likelihood they’ll soon be back.

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Some Older Adults Just Want To Be Left Alone, Which Can Lead To Problems

The 84-year-old man who had suffered a mini-stroke was insistent as he spoke to a social worker about being discharged from the hospital: He didn’t want anyone coming into his home, and he didn’t think he needed any help.

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observation care Medicare

Hospitals Now Must Tell Medicare Patients When Care is ‘Observation’ Only

When patients are too sick to go home but not sick enough to be admitted, observation care gives doctors time to figure out what’s wrong.

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Hands of an older woman in the hospital

How to fight for yourself at the hospital

Everything initially went well with Barbara Charnes’ surgery to fix a troublesome ankle. But after leaving the hospital, the 83-year-old soon found herself in a bad way.

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hospital home care

Hospital readmission penalties for nursing home patients

A significant number of older adults are not ready to go home when they leave the hospital. About one-fifth are discharged to one of the nation’s 15,000 skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitative care.

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