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Patients Want To Die At Home, But Hospice Care Can Strain Families

When it comes to where we die, the U.S. has reached a tipping point. Home is now the most common place of death, according to new research, and a majority of Medicare patients are turning to hospice services to help make that possible.

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Hospice use deterred by doctors, says study

BOSTON — More patients with cancer use hospice today than ever before, but there are indications that care intensity outside of hospice is increasing, and length of hospice stay decreasing. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) examined how hospice affects health care utilization and costs and found that in a sample of elderly Medicare […]

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Hospice linked to less depression for surviving spouse

“If we want to understand the impact of hospice care, we should consider the potential benefit not just to the patient, but to the caregiver, and perhaps, the entire family and social network.”

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How to choose a hospice residence

By Angela Penny When a loved-one enters hospice, it is a very difficult time for everyone because it is the end of a life-journey. Often, end of life care is provided at home by family members, with a hospice team visiting the family throughout the week. At times this becomes a hardship, physically and emotionally, […]

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Hospice care offers a true gift of love

There is no greater love a person can share than giving the gift of care during a time of great need.

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