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Hobbies Linked To Lower Depression Levels

Hobbies are linked to fewer depressive symptoms and higher levels of happiness, self-reported health and life satisfaction among people aged 65 and over, and this holds true across 16 countries on three continents, according to a new study led by UCL researchers.

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Jigsaw Puzzles For All Ages: Twists, Themes, Sound Effects

Jigsaw puzzlers found their happy place, and their people, during the pandemic. Puzzling was already a thing, but soon more groups formed on social media.

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5 Steps To Turn Your Side Gig Into A Full-Fledged Business

In 2017, Courtney Lynn Ottrix started blogging about things to do in Cleveland. She’d done some freelancing in the past, and the blog offered occasional opportunities for income. 

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Learn 4 Ways To Spend The Long Winter Months

As the cold weather sets in we often spend more time indoors, offering the perfect opportunity to learn something new.

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Adult coloring books in vogue, good stress reliever

Shansky, a graphic designer and freelance writer, wrote an article about adult coloring books, a rapidly growing phenomenon that has a dedicated section at Barnes & Noble and is gaining traction as a stress reliever for adults.

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Winter Hobby: Learning to knit can be easy

Brand-new knitters have plenty of resources. Yarn stores and crafts retailers like Michaels and Jo-Ann have classes; prices can range widely from $10 to $100 per hour.

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