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Goodwin narrowly avoided open heart surgery.

Near Death Experience: Her Heart Disease Was Undiagnosed

In true nurse fashion, Goodwin never missed a day of work, but her coworkers watched and worried. Her complexion turned ashen and she needed several rests just walking from her car to her office.

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Eat A Mediterranean Diet To Cut Heart Disease Risk

Put down the bacon and pick up the olive oil. New research supports the contention that switching to a Mediterranean diet could significantly decrease the risk of heart disease.

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Heart to heart advice for families and caregivers

By Angela Rocheleau February is National Heart Month and here are a few interesting facts to ponder. Every year since its congressional approval in 1963, the president has issued a proclamation to help raise public awareness of heart disease. Even though most people associate heart disease with men, it’s also the leading cause of death […]

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