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Wireless Earbuds Work As Inexpensive Hearing Aids

Some commercial earbuds can perform as well as hearing aids. The result could help a large proportion of people with hearing loss access more affordable sound amplification devices.

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Hearing Aids Available Over-the-Counter For As Low As $199 Without Prescription

Where for decades it cost thousands of dollars to get a device that could be purchased only with a prescription from an audiologist or other hearing professional, now a new category of over-the-counter aids are selling for hundreds of dollars.

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Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids Expected This Fall In U.S.

Millions of Americans will be able to buy hearing aids without a prescription later this fall, under a long-awaited rule finalized Tuesday.

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Hearing Aids: Apple, Bose Others Hit Market Filling FDA Void

Spurred by decades of complaints about the high cost of hearing aids, Congress passed a law in 2017 to allow over-the-counter sales, with hopes it would boost competition and lower prices.

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Hearing health box Questions about hearing aids answered, part II

Hearing aids take time and patience to use successfully. Know your hearing aid’s features. With your hearing specialist, practice putting in and taking out the aid, cleaning it, identifying right and left aids, and replacing the batteries. Ask how to test it in listening environments where you have problems. Adjust the aid’s volume and program […]

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Every patient has questions about hearing aids, Part 1

By Dr. Robert Mario Which hearing aid will work best for me? A hearing aid should be selected that best suits your needs and lifestyle. It also depends on the kind and severity of your hearing loss. If you have hearing loss in both of your ears, two hearing aids are recommended because they provide […]

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