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Gardening Is Strenuous. How To Go Gentle On Your Body

Gardening is widely regarded as a moderate to strenuous form of exercise. All that bending, lifting, digging and hauling burns calories and builds muscle.

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Social Participation Promotes Optimal Aging In Older Adults

An in-depth research examined over 7000 Canadians in their middle and senior years over a span of around three years to explore the potential correlation between increased social engagement and successful aging during the later stages of life.

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Can 7 Healthy Habits Reduce Dementia Risk?

New research that followed female participants for two decades has found that seven healthy habits and lifestyle factors may play a role in lowering the risk of dementia.

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Why Exercise Gets Harder The Less You Do

Doing less exercise could deactivate a vital protein in the body, causing further inactivity and making exercise more difficult, new research suggests.

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Exercise During Middle Age May Prevent Age-Related Chronic Diseases

Middle-aged endurance athletes have better control of blood pressure and higher arterial elasticity (a noninvasive measure of cardiovascular risk) than sedentary adults in the same age group.

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Exercising At Home Can Keep COVID-19 Away

Exercising is critical to mental and physical wellbeing. But with intermittent lockdowns and social distancing measures over a long period, older adults need to stay away from social activities and exercises in public places.

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