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Open Enrollment For Marketplace Health Plans: What You Need to Know

It’s fall again, meaning shorter days, cooler temperatures, and open enrollment for Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance, sign-ups begin this week for coverage that starts Jan. 1, 2023.

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New Prescription Drug Pricing Law Brings “Substantial” Reform

On Aug. 16, President Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which rose from the ashes of the Build Back Better Act (BBBA), a bill that failed to pass in 2021 after it could not gather enough support in the Senate.

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There’s A Simple Way To Stop Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia From Killing People

Four years ago, when Karen Giuliano went to a Boston hospital for hip replacement surgery, she was given a pale-pink bucket of toiletries issued to patients in many hospitals.

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Health Care Debt: An Unexpected, Unhealthy Burden

Politicians like to talk about how many Americans have health insurance. But what we don’t discuss is how many Americans  —  with and without health coverage  —  still go into serious health care debt.

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Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care, Overcharging

Congress should crack down on Medicare Advantage health plans for seniors that sometimes deny patients vital medical care while overcharging the government billions of dollars every year.

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No Time for Self Care? Even Small Doses Can Help

The act of self care means using strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance our well-being.

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