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Parenting Your Aging Parents When They Don’t Want Help

David Solie’s 89-year-old mother, Carol, was unyielding. “No, I will not move,” she told her son every time he suggested that she leave her home and relocate to a senior living residence.

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What Would Happen If The ACA Went Away

Any day now, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans could rule the entire Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

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Navigate Hectic Holiday Season Practicing Mindfulness

The holidays are almost upon us. For some, it is time to get out the best dishes and polish up the silver for a holiday table setting with family and friends, while others will be worried about coping with the festivities, because they are alone or just too busy.

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Caregivers Face Increasing Challenges In Already Tough Job

Terri Van Zante left a full-time job making $12 per hour so she could take care of her mom.

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Doctor Discovers What’s Missing At Health Care’s Core As Wife’s Caregiver

Caring for someone with a serious illness stretches people spiritually and emotionally, often beyond what they might have thought possible.

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In Sickness & Health: How Couples Face Chronic Conditions

A new study suggests that as married couples age and develop chronic conditions, the daily demands of coping with their own health demands and those of their spouse may take a mental toll.  

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