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Blood Pressure Control Helps Ward Off Dementia

The results complement a previous study published by the same research group which showed that intensive treatment significantly lowered the chances that participants developed mild cognitive impairment. 

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Leaves Are Falling, Autumn is Calling, So Are Fall Allergies

You may think you can’t tell the difference between the symptoms caused by spring, summer and fall allergies.

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Genetic-Testing Scam Targets Seniors And Rips Off Medicare

The 86-year-old woman in rural Utah doesn’t usually answer solicitations from strangers, she said, but the young couple who knocked on her front door seemed so nice.

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Tips For Driving Safely Into Your Golden Years

With more older drivers on the road than in years past, the importance of assessing driving fitness has increased.

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Why You Need Regular Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk Screenings

Measuring waistline, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood fats, and blood sugar during doctor visits can detect heart disease and diabetes earlier.

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Alexa Could Be Your Go-To Doctor In The Future

Amazon has partnered with numerous health care companies, including several in California, to let consumers and employees use Alexa for health care purposes.

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