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Tackling Obesity Helps Reduce The Severity Of COVID-19

As infectious disease experts continue to study COVID-19, they have been able to uncover many of the factors that lead to more severe symptoms.

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New Dental Treatment Helps Fill Cavities & Insurance Gaps for Elderly

Dental hygienist Jennifer Geiselhofer often cleans the teeth of senior patients who can’t easily get to a dentist’s office.

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How Laughter Can Help Your Heart

If the past six months of quarantines, social distancing and unrelenting Covid-19 news coverage has left you feeling stressed and worried, you’re not alone. A recent nationwide survey found that a majority of the respondents are experiencing emotional distress during the pandemic.

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Showing Kindness Boosts Health, Well-Being

Performing acts of kindness and helping other people can be good for people’s health and well-being.

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Sunglasses: Myths That Could Damage Your Vision

Did you know that too much sun on unprotected eyes increases the risk of eye disease? The good news is that prevention is simple.

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Medicare Is Running Out Of Money Thanks To COVID

The pandemic is accelerating a problem that used to be front and center in health circles: the impending insolvency of Medicare.

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