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Medicare Advantage Riding High As New Insurers Flock To Sell To Retirees

Since 2010, enrollment in Medicare Advantage has doubled to more than 20 million enrollees, growing from a quarter of Medicare beneficiaries to more than a third.

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The Social And Health Consequences Of Loneliness

A growing body of research points to loneliness as an impending epidemic with an enormous impact on the health of individuals and society.

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Bruce Horovitz with his wife, Evelyne, and daughters, Becca (left) and Rachel, at a lakeside campground near Interlaken, Switzerland, where the family travels each summer. (Courtesy of Bruce Horovitz)

Who Knew? Life Begins (Again) At 65

I’m certain that turning 65 was the watershed moment that finally grew me up.

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Do You Expect Your Children To Care For You?

Most older people needing help with daily tasks like dressing and bathing receive assistance informally from a spouse or partner or their adult children

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4 Common Myths About Breast Cancer

Knowing the facts about breast cancer treatment and prevention is crucial in reducing your risk.

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Medicare Coverage Limits Put Your Vision Needs At Risk

Many people who have relied on a vision plan as part of their employee benefits package during their working adult life are surprised when they turn 65 and convert to Medicare. 

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