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Top Experts Question The Value Of Advance Care Planning

For decades, Americans have been urged to fill out documents specifying their end-of-life wishes before becoming terminally ill — living wills, do-not-resuscitate orders, and other written materials expressing treatment preferences.

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The Senate Needs 50 Votes To Build A Better Medicare

When elderly people were first created, they had no eyes, ears, and teeth. For this reason, when federal lawmakers got around to enacting Medicare insurance for seniors in 1965, they didn’t include vision services, hearing aids, and dental care.

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Bidding Adieu to My Primary Care Doctor After Nearly 30 Years

I hadn’t expected the tears. My primary care doctor and I were saying goodbye after nearly 30 years together.

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Democrats Push To Retool Health Care Programs

Dental work for seniors on Medicare. An end to sky’s-the-limit pricing on prescription drugs. New options for long-term care at home. Coverage for low-income people locked out of Medicaid by ideological battles.

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Tax-Free Accounts Used Less By Those Who Need Them Most

Most older adults are not using tax-free savings accounts to save for future health expenses, a new poll of people age 50 to 80 suggests.

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Democrats Will Still Need Buy-In From GOP on Key Health Priorities

Democrats have argued for more generous pandemic relief, more pressure on drugmakers to lower prices and more attention to systemic racism in health care.

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