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Never-Ending Costs: When Resolved Medical Bills Keep Popping Up

Every now and then, Suzanne Rybak and her husband, Jim, receive pieces of mail addressed to their deceased son, Jameson. Typically, it’s junk mail that requires little thought, Suzanne said.

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Lowering Medicare Age Could Help Keep Older Americans Financially Stable

Lowering the age when older adults can enroll in Medicare might save them a lot of money, even if the age drops only a year or two from the current age of 65, a new study suggests.

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Get Real About Long-Term Care Costs In Retirement

You won’t pay for health care in retirement with one lump sum. That’s the way these expenses are often presented, though, and the amounts are terrifying.

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GOP: Retirees should have larger stake in health, finances

Republicans in charge of the House are facing two unappealing options on the budget. One is to lead with their chins and offer politically toxic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and, perhaps, Social Security. Or, they could play it safe — but then endorse trillion-dollar deficits that would enrage their tea party backers.

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Nation’s healthcare is making her sick

But when it comes to making me feel the harsh reality of advancing age, nothing compares with those yearly increases in my health insurance premiums.

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