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The Happy Honks Of Spring

The other day I stood in my yard when I heard that lovely sound. Against the blue sky was the familiar V-formation of a dozen geese, trumpeting their arrival like noisy house guests.

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More Older Adults With Joint Replacements Recover At Home

This trend is likely to accelerate as evidence mounts that recuperating at home is a safe alternative and as hospitals alter medical practices in response to changing Medicare policies.

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Repairing rifts: How to rebuild friendships post election

During the presidential election of 2016, it was easy to avoid misinterpretation, escalation, damaged relationships and offending Facebook friends with differing opinions. Just never be on Facebook.

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Most Americans pray for healing

If you have recently sent healing prayers to a sick friend or relative, you are not alone in the practice. Nearly nine of 10 Americans have relied upon healing prayer.

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Pessimism can block therapy

You’ve heard of the placebo effect, the healing power of positive belief. This is the “nocebo” effect, the flip side, almost its evil twin. And while the self-fulfilling prophecy of negative thinking isn’t nearly as well studied, some scientists say it’s time for doctors to start paying a lot more attention to their patients’ outlook.

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