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How To Make Holiday Returns With Buy Now, Pay Later

Shoppers who used “buy now, pay later” to help finance gifts this holiday season may soon encounter an unwelcome surprise: Returns can be more challenging than when buying from the store with cash or a credit card.

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Jigsaw Puzzles For All Ages: Twists, Themes, Sound Effects

Jigsaw puzzlers found their happy place, and their people, during the pandemic. Puzzling was already a thing, but soon more groups formed on social media.

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Adults Need Toys, Too: Some Holiday Gift Suggestions

Adults. They need toys, too. From sweet treats to things with wheels, some ideas for pleasing a child at heart this holiday season

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For Movie Fans, A Gift Guide That Goes Beyond The Cinema

For the film buff in your life, there are plenty of gift options that go beyond a ticket to the cinema. Here are some ideas to get the reels rolling.

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Coastal Grandmother Vibe Endures For Holiday Gifting

The look of Nancy Meyers’ movies. Inside Ina Garten’s kitchen. Oversize cable knit sweaters. A quality, timeless trench. All things pumpkin spice. 

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Holiday Trends For 2021: Personalized Gifts Are In

The holiday season is a special time to share meaningful moments and gifts with loved ones to show each other you care.

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