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Why You Should Consider Seeing A Geriatrician

It comes as second nature for most parents to take their children to a pediatrician at least once a year. The differences between children and adults are so stark that it makes sense to choose a doctor specially trained to treat younger patients.

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Coronavirus: Should Every 60+ Practice Same Precautions?

She knew it wasn’t a good idea and her daughter would disapprove. Nonetheless, Barbara Figge Fox, 79, recently went to four stores in Princeton, New Jersey, to shop for canned goods, paper towels, fresh fruit, yogurt, and other items.

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A push to open doors to care for homebound

There is an enormous hidden population of older adults in America suffering behind closed doors largely because they aren’t strong or well enough to leave their homes, for healthcare or anything else. This is among the worrisome findings of a new study. “The homebound population of older adults is 50 percent larger than the nursing […]

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Hospice linked to less depression for surviving spouse

“If we want to understand the impact of hospice care, we should consider the potential benefit not just to the patient, but to the caregiver, and perhaps, the entire family and social network.”

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