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Fall’s The Best Time To Prep Garden Soil For New Plants

Contrary to long-held gardening beliefs, it’s best not to till amendments into the soil. Doing so could damage soil structure, break up valuable fungal threads, kill earthworms and other beneficial insects, and bring weed seeds to the surface.

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Gardening Is Strenuous. How To Go Gentle On Your Body

Gardening is widely regarded as a moderate to strenuous form of exercise. All that bending, lifting, digging and hauling burns calories and builds muscle.

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June Is Rhubarb Picking Time In The Garden, So Pucker Up

Years ago, when my now-grown daughter Justine was a toddler, we visited a U-pick farm where she plucked plump, ripe strawberries from a field of sprawling plants.

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Don’t Stress Your Plants When Transferring Them From Indoors To An Outdoor Garden

It’s prime planting time in many regions, and gardeners are flocking to garden centers for annuals, and herb and vegetable starter plants. Likewise, those who have grown plants from seeds indoors may be gearing up to transplant them in the garden now.

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Gardening Help In The Palm Of Your Hand: 5 Apps, Phone Tips

The latest crop of gardening apps and cellphone features may surprise you with their expert garden-planning and planting advice, pest and disease troubleshooting, instant plant and insect identification, and even integrated artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

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Save Seeds Now For Next Year’s Garden Flowers

If you love the flowers in your garden but don’t love the idea of spending money on new ones, why not save their seeds to plant next year?

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