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Feel Like The Last Friend Standing? How To Cultivate New Buds 

As baby boomers age, more and more folks will reach their 80s, 90s. They will not only lose friends but face the daunting task of making new friends.

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Social Ties Could Preserve Memory, Slow Brain Aging

Something as basic as how long it takes to drive or walk to a friend’s house can make a big difference as we get older.

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Are Good Friends The Secret to Mental Health?

Ask Edith Smith, a proud 103-year-old, about her friends, and she’ll give you an earful. There’s Johnetta, 101, whom she’s known for 70 years and who has Alzheimer’s disease.

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Close Friends Linked to Sharper Memory

Maintaining positive, warm and trusting friendships might be the key to a slower decline in memory and cognitive functioning.

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Who Are The 8 Girlfriends You Need?

Where would we be without our friends? Let’s face it, as we grow older we need them more than ever. Yes, we love our spouses and family, but there’s something about a girlfriend that helps us see life differently.

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Today’s kids sharing everything with parents

By the age of 18, Teresa Carson was married; by 21, she was pregnant with her son, Robert. “I grew up in a small town in the Midwest and that was what you did,” said Teresa Carson, 50, of Worcester.

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