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Inflation Forces Hard Choice For Older Adults

Lenore Angey never imagined she’d have to go back to work at age 76. With an ailing husband and the highest prices she can remember for everything from milk to gasoline, the retired school lunch worker from Cleveland, Ohio, now works part time as a salesperson.

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5 Steps To Reach Your Money Goals In 2022

In addition to the new year bringing confetti and a fresh calendar, it’s a time to set big money goals for the next 12 months. That might mean finally paying off debt, buying a house or taking a long-delayed vacation. 

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How To Talk Money With Your Parents This Holiday

Holiday gatherings may present an opportunity to talk to your parents about important money issues, such as estate planning or long-term care.

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Financial Vital Signs To Monitor Right Now

With people going back to offices, travel resuming and Congress making significant changes to various laws affecting your finances, consider taking some time to check in on your money.

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Financial Abuse: Help Loved Ones Protect Themselves

In 2020, the FBI reported a record amount of cybercrime complaints adding up to over $4.1 billion in losses. More than half of those losses were suffered by people aged 50 and older.

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Financial Calamity: When Life Blows Up Well-Laid Plans

Job loss, business failure, involuntary retirement, divorce, disability or the death of a breadwinner, these are just some of the ways our finances can force us to come up with a Plan B.

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