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5 money saving tips for exchanging currency

Some currency exchange tables in airports and tourist areas offer bad rates, taking more of your money. And some credit cards and banks can add fees when you buy something with your card.

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5 ways to reduce retirement shortfall

You don’t have to obsess about reaching the number; the amount a financial adviser or retirement calculator says you’ll need to retire comfortably.

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Should you provide financial assistance to adult children?

Recent surveys suggest that a significant percentage of parents provide financial support to their adult children. When asked why, parents cite concerns about the financial hardships their children are facing.

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Learn 3 ways to protect your money

With age comes wisdom about money — up to a point. Americans older than 65 hold about a third of all U.S. net worth.

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The right fit: Tips for hiring a financial adviser

Hiring financial help is hard. Anyone looking for assistance managing their money will quickly encounter an alphabet soup of professional designations.

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Financial Literacy Quiz: Test your money IQ

Even the most financially savvy individuals encounter and sometimes let personal finance myths influence how they manage their money. Some of these misconceptions are rooted in faulty information right from the start.

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