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Bill For Medical Treatment Went Sky High When Doctor Moved Up A Floor

Lee and her family were outraged by the sudden price hike, considering she had gotten the same shots for the far lower price multiple times in the years before.

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Avoid Unexpected Fees From Subscription or Recurring Services

Costly subscription services could be charging your debit or credit card monthly and if you don’t keep close tabs on your accounts, you may not even be aware.

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What Good Financial Advice Looks Like

Good financial advice can help you achieve your life goals. Bad financial advice can cost you a fortune and leave you worse off than if you had tried to go it alone.

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Are You Paying too Much for Financial Advice?

Investment management can cost as little as 0.25 percent of a portfolio’s value each year. Yet many people still pay 1 percent, or even more, for financial advice.

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Why Investment Fees Could Leave You Old And Broke

You want to save as much as possible for retirement. The financial services industry wants to make as much money off you as it can.

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Congress OKs bipartisan physicians Medicare fees

By Alan Fram WASHINGTON — Legislation permanently overhauling how Medicare pays physicians won approval Tuesday from an atypically united Congress as lawmakers banded together to erase an irritant that has dogged them for years. Adding urgency to legislators’ work, the measure headed off a 21 percent cut in doctors’ Medicare fees that would have hit […]

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