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Raising Our Kids: How The Clues Were There All Along

Recently I heard two young mothers musing about what their children might be when they grew up.

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How To Help Your Parents Navigate Health Care In Retirement

Many adults find themselves helping their aging parents sign up for Medicare, a complex process with many steps and considerations. There are penalties for delaying enrollment, and not everyone understands their options. 

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Never-Ending Costs: When Resolved Medical Bills Keep Popping Up

Every now and then, Suzanne Rybak and her husband, Jim, receive pieces of mail addressed to their deceased son, Jameson. Typically, it’s junk mail that requires little thought, Suzanne said.

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To Families’ Dismay, Biden Nursing Home Reforms Do Not View Them As Essential Caregivers

When the Biden administration announced a set of proposed nursing home reforms last month, consumer advocates were both pleased and puzzled.

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How Your Parents’ Debt Could Outlive Them

Many people believe one of two common myths when a parent dies in debt, says Chicago estate planning attorney Michael Whitty. The first myth is that an adult child will become liable for their parents’ debt. The second myth is that they can’t.

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A clutter Free Home May Not Help People With Dementia

A clutter free environment may not help people with dementia carry out daily tasks — according to a new study from the University of East Anglia.

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