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Many Caregivers Neglecting Their Own Health

Most caregivers go to medical appointments with the seniors they care for, yet the poll found they’re less likely to get information about self-care, support programs or other services

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Adult Daughter Helping Senior Tie Shoelaces

Caring For Caregivers: Resources Help Navigate An Important Job

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the health care system. The responsibility can mean increased stress and anxiety, which can affect family dynamics.

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Family: Balancing 2 Or More Generations Under One Roof

As people plan their retirement years, more and more are preferring to make the right adjustments at home to age in place, rather than exploring alternatives such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

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Mother’s Lifespan Predicts Daughters Living to 90

Daughters whose mothers lived to at least age 90 were more likely to also live to 90, free of serious diseases and disabilities, according to a study. 

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Innovative Couples’ Intervention Helps People With Dementia Communicate

For couples with decades of shared memories, a partner’s decline in the ability to communicate is frightening and frustrating.

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People Caring For Family Members With Dementia Are Sleep Deprived

These disruptions can lead to chronic sleep deprivation and place caregivers at risk for depression, weight gain, heart disease and premature death.

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