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New Laws Let Visitors See Loved Ones in Health Care Facilities, Even In An Outbreak

Jean White’s mother has dementia and moved into a memory care facility near Tampa, Florida, just as coronavirus lockdowns began in spring 2020. For months, the family wasn’t allowed to go inside to visit.

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To Families’ Dismay, Biden Nursing Home Reforms Do Not View Them As Essential Caregivers

When the Biden administration announced a set of proposed nursing home reforms last month, consumer advocates were both pleased and puzzled.

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Families Complain as States Require Covid Testing for Nursing Home Visits

As covid-19 cases rise again in nursing homes, a few states have begun requiring visitors to present proof that they’re not infected before entering facilities, stoking frustration and dismay among family members.

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How To Support Alzheimer’s Caregivers During The Holidays

More than 16 million family members and friends are serving as Alzheimer’s caregivers in the U.S. As families approach the holiday season, there are easy ways to support caregivers that can ease the burden of caregiving.

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Monitoring Technology Helps Family Caregivers Manage Elderly With Cognitive Decline

In the middle of a rainy Michigan night, 88-year-old Dian Wurdock walked out the front door of her son’s home in Grand Rapids, barefoot and coatless. Her destination was unknown even to herself.

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How To Talk Money With Your Parents This Holiday

Holiday gatherings may present an opportunity to talk to your parents about important money issues, such as estate planning or long-term care.

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