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Is It Too Late For Me To Apply For Medicaid Benefits?

Many erroneously feel it is too late to do any planning and that their only option is to spend down all their money before they apply for Medicaid benefits.

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Why Medicare coverage could be useful at age 50

By Mark Miller Americans are living longer, so why not lower the eligibility age for Medicare? That prescription might sound upside down: rising longevity often is used as an argument for delaying Medicare eligibility past age 65. However, one of the country’s top experts on geriatric medicine actually thinks Medicare should start covering preventive healthcare […]

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Trade-offs in raising Medicare eligibility age

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
 WASHINGTON — Americans are living longer, and Republicans want to raise the Medicare eligibility age as part of any deal to reduce the government’s huge deficits. But what sounds like a prudent sacrifice for an aging society that must watch its budget could have some surprising consequences, including higher premiums for people […]

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