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Debit Card Won’t Do Much For Your Drug Costs

If they’ve been listening to President Donald Trump, seniors may be expecting a $200 debit card in the mail any day now to help them pay for prescription drugs.

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Beverly Tucker helps residents in nursing homes, assisted living and other facilities complete mail-in or absentee ballots. 
Her rolling tote bag is packed with face masks, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer and ballots for residents who can't get to the polls. “The equipment is clearly different this year,” Tucker says. “But I’m doing whatever is possible to help people vote.” (Aneri Pattani)

Despite COVID Concerns, Teams Venture Into Nursing Homes To Get Out the Vote

Each time Beverly Tucker visited a nursing home or long-term care facility this fall, she brought along a rolling tote bag packed with supplies from the Durham County Board of Elections.

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How Losing The ACA Could Cost You

If the Supreme Court throws out the Affordable Care Act (ACA), your finances and your future could pay the price.

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If Trump Wins, Don’t Hold Your Breath For ACA Replacement Plan

If President Donald Trump wins reelection next week, it seems unlikely he will unveil the health plan he’s been promising since before his election in 2016.

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Biden Health Agenda May Not Be Easy to Achieve

If Joe Biden wins the presidency in November, health is likely to play a high-profile role in his agenda. Just probably not in the way he or anyone else might have predicted.

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President Plays “Trump Card” With Seniors

On Sept. 24, Donald Trump held a press conference in Charlotte, North Carolina to present the media with his new America First Health Care Plan.

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