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Coronavirus: Should Every 60+ Practice Same Precautions?

She knew it wasn’t a good idea and her daughter would disapprove. Nonetheless, Barbara Figge Fox, 79, recently went to four stores in Princeton, New Jersey, to shop for canned goods, paper towels, fresh fruit, yogurt, and other items.

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Pets Can Protect Against Suicide In Older People

Older people are more likely to experience complex health needs, social isolation and loneliness, and fear of burdening their families.

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Food Aid For Seniors Gets Boost, But Fall Short Of Need

Advocates for senior citizens hailed the bipartisan passage of a federal bill that calls for boosting money for nutrition programs so that fewer older adults go hungry.

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The Startling Geographic Inequality Gap That Emerges After Age 65

In an era when “deaths of despair,” from substance abuse and suicide, are on the rise among middle-aged Americans, those who reach age 65 are living longer than ever.

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Virus And Elderly: Avoid Crowds, Cruises, Long Plane Trips

The U.S. government’s coronavirus recommendations tell older adults to avoid crowds, cruises and long plane rides — advice that one public health official acknowledged won’t be welcomed by many. 

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As Coronavirus Cases Grow, So Does Scrutiny Of Nursing Home Infection Plans

CMS is ordering health inspectors to focus on infection-control practices at nursing homes and hospitals, particularly those where coronavirus infections have been identified in the community.

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