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FDA, Aduhelm, Part B

FDA Approves Much-Debated Alzheimer’s Drug Panned By Experts

Government health officials on Monday approved the first new drug for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly 20 years, disregarding warnings from independent advisers that the much-debated treatment hasn’t been shown to help slow the brain-destroying disease.

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Caring And Providing Health Care For An Aging Nation

Health care for the nation’s seniors looms large as the baby-boom generation ages into retirement. resident Joe Biden tacitly acknowledged those needs in March with his proposal to spend $400 billion over the next eight years to improve access to in-home and community-based care.

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Is Your Living Room The Future Of Hospital Care?

Major hospital systems are betting big money that the future of hospital care looks a lot like the inside of patients’ homes.

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Government Grant Scam Costs Elderly Woman $3,200

Alice, 77, lives in rural New England. She received a Facebook Messenger text from a work colleague named Ron, who told her she could qualify for a large cash award from the government. She would get a text the next morning to determine eligibility.

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Poll: Government Should Help Americans Age At Home

A majority of Americans agree that government should help people fulfill a widely held aspiration to age in their own homes, not institutional settings, a new poll finds.

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stress, depression, Antidepressant, mental health

Mental Health And Sleep Worsened During The Pandemic For Older Adults

Nearly one in five older adults say their mental health has gotten worse since the pandemic began in March 2020, and an equal   percentage say their sleep has suffered in that time too.

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