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Poor Sleep Can Lead To Long-Term Health Problems

It’s a common misconception that older adults need less sleep than those younger, but many get fewer hours due to insomnia and various health problems, including sleep apnea and heart trouble.

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How To Grow Your Social Network As You Age

Friends sitting around a table, talking and laughing. A touch on the arm, as one of them leans over to make a confiding comment. A round of hugs before walking out the door.

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Fatigue Is Common Among Older Adults: There Are Many Possible Causes

Nothing prepared Linda C. Johnson of Indianapolis for the fatigue that descended on her after a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in early 2020.

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Being ‘Socially Frail’ Comes With Health Risks For Older Adults

Consider three hypothetical women in their mid-70s, all living alone in identical economic circumstances with the same array of ailments: diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

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Macular Degeneration

Families With History Of Macular Degeneration Should Have Members Screened By 55

When patients first develop the condition, it is classified as dry age related macular degeneration, which accounts for 90 percent of cases.

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Yoga May Help To Prevent Frailty In Older Adults

Frailty, which can emerge from a variety of causes, is estimated to affect up to half of individuals over age 80. Frailty can make it more difficult to live independently, decrease quality of life, and increase risk of death.

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