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Too Many Americans Admit To Driving While Drowsy

Have you ever found yourself falling asleep behind the wheel? Unfortunately, you are not alone.

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Tips For Driving Safely Into Your Golden Years

With more older drivers on the road than in years past, the importance of assessing driving fitness has increased.

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Transportation Safety: Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe Outside Home

It can be hard to admit your vision isn’t what it used to be, especially when it comes to driving. Maybe you’ve noticed some difficulties reading traffic signals, or you’ve found it challenging to drive at night.

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Certain Training Can Improve Driving Skills of Older Adults

Older drivers can see their driving abilities improve by participating in certain types of training that improves the brain’s processing speed and how the mind reacts when attention is divided.

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How to talk to aging parents about the future

Parents care for and guide children into adulthood. But as parents age, sometimes the roles are reversed.

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Avoiding the deadly dangers of distracted driving

Although distractions come in many forms, texting is the most dangerous because it takes eyes, hands and minds away from the task at hand.

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