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What To Do With Your Stuff The Kids Don’t Want

Parents who are downsizing or simply decluttering may have to get creative at finding homes for all their unwanted possessions; particularly these days.

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Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff

Estate appraiser Julie Hall advises downsizing clients not to take it personally when their adult kids don’t want their furniture and other possessions.

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Small Home Living: Not ‘Downsizing’ But ‘Right-Sizing’

With the current trend toward de-cluttering and downsizing, there are plenty of books about how to winnow down possessions to the few that are truly necessary and loved. This book shows how you can live well once that’s done.

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5 Tips On What To Do With Unwanted Stuff

World-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo is sparking joy among shoppers feeling the urge to clean out their homes.

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Downsizing: Solutions And Help For Small Spaces

Setting up home in a small apartment poses all sorts of challenges.

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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Decluttering

Sorting through decades of belongings is often emotional and stressful, as questions and decisions pile up: Is this jewelry valuable?

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