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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Decluttering

Sorting through decades of belongings is often emotional and stressful, as questions and decisions pile up: Is this jewelry valuable?

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Gulp, is it finally time to downsize?

I try not thinking of the D-word. Moving is hard enough without that emotional tug. Picking up stakes will be like leaving part of ourselves behind. Yet it’s undeniable. Our house is quieter these days.

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5 downsizing tips from the pros

Envision how great it will feel to be unburdened by excess and achieve your goal of living happily with less, in a smaller but comfortable space.

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Downsizing is bittersweet, a personal journey

As I pack up our home of more than 17 years, I gaze out my front window at the weeping cherry that my husband, David, bought me for the first wedding anniversary that we spent in our home. It was so tiny then, fragile, yet elegant.

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Moving mom and dad: Some practical tips

Moving is a major life stressor at any age. Whether you are young, or old it can be a burden mentally and physically. Moving one or both parents has additional challenges.

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Downsizing, cleaning a relative’s house? Ins and outs of estate sales

Your parents have died or are moving to a nursing home, and their house is filled with a lifetime of possessions. Or maybe you’re ready to downsize your own house.

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