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Unfair Medicare Reimbursements Threaten Care

It costs more to care for patients who are frail, have dementia, are depressed or poor.

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The Trust Older Patients Place In Doctors Can Compromise Care

Placing trust in doctors to advocate for their medical care, older adults rarely ask for referrals to specialists, specific prescriptions, express concerns or follow-up after medical visits.

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Why Doctors Don’t Pay Attention To Home Health Care Plans

Physicians charged with approving treatment plans for skilled home health care often spend no more than a minute reviewing the plans, a study of U.S. doctors suggests. 

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Older Americans Don’t Get Enough Help From Doctors & Pharmacists on Drug Costs

The majority of Americans age 50 and older take two or more prescription medicines to prevent or treat health problems, and many of them say the cost weighs on their budget, a new poll finds.

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Geriatricians can help aging patients navigate multiple ailments

For months, Teresa Christensen’s 87-year-old mother, Genevieve, complained of pain from a nasty sore on her right foot. She stopped going to church. She couldn’t sleep at night.

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Friends, family better than docs when it comes to health

Leveraging existing relationships with friends and family may be a more effective way to improve a person’s health and encourage new healthy habits and behaviors than increasing interactions with physicians or other clinicians.

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