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Harbor Hotel Watkins Glen

New York Empire State Rd. Offers Rolling Farmlands, Wine, Race Cars

Mention New York and most people think “City.” They picture the urban center of skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty and countless other attractions.

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Eating Out 2 Or More Days Weekly Could Shorten Your Life

Eating out is a popular activity worldwide. But, new research reveals that consuming restaurant food two or more days a week is significantly associated with an increased risk of death.

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store, restaurant

How Do You Know It’s OK to Go Into A Restaurant Or Store?

Just because many businesses are open again doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. The coronavirus is still on the loose which means people have to make serious choices about their health all day, every day.

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Outdoor Dining Can Be Done Stylishly

Squeezing the most out of summer, especially this coronavirus summer, has often meant eating and entertaining outside, for those with the space to do it.

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Queens street scene

Queens, New York is like a trip around the world

Not hungry enough for a sit-down breakfast, I munched on Tibetan dumplings purchased from a snack truck decorated with a sign that touted “Himalayan Fresh Food.”

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Black Trumpet cooks get ready for Restaurant Week

Chefs cooking up storm during Portsmouth N.H. Restaurant Week

Settled in the early 1600s, Portsmouth and surrounding towns make up a vibrant, New England coastal destination with a stellar arts and culture scene, unique locally owned shops and restaurants.

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