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What Happens To My Estate When I Pass?

Understanding what the postmortem process involves can make you a better and wiser planner for your own estate.

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Choosing The Right Decision Maker For You: A Helpful Primer

Choosing the right decision makers, known as “fiduciaries” and “agents,” for you and your estate plan is critical. Do not wait until you are under pressure to do so.

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For Older Mainers, GOP Plan Risks Health, Long-Term Care Access

PORTLAND, Maine — The Congressional Budget Office report issued this week has added to the concerns of local senior advocates that the American Health Care Act would raise costs for Mainers ages 50 and older, affecting their access to health care and long-term care services. According to the CBO, 24 million Americans could lose health insurance […]

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Ryan, Speaker of the House

Republicans push health bill in marathon sessions

he GOP scored triumphs in the Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce panels after lengthy debate, as the committees approved legislation to reshape the way millions of Americans pay for medical care.

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10 tips to stick with your weight loss goals

Deciding to lose weight is a great first step toward wellness. But goal setting is the easy part. Staying on track and maintaining that weight are where the challenges begin.

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Author suggests 4 tips to live better in retirement

The conceptions and realities of retirement have changed a great deal over the past several decades, giving many aging Americans misgivings about the future. But the golden years can be happy, healthy and productive.

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