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health care during the democratic debate

Health Care Stayed Front And Center At Democratic Debate

Voters got a better look at Democrats’ health care priorities as 12 of the leading candidates vowed to codify abortion access, threatened to jail opioid company executives and added a few more details to their health plans during the fourth Democratic debate.

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Medicare For All Health

Think ‘Medicare For All’ Is The Only Democratic Health Plan?

If you tuned in for the first five nights of the Democratic presidential debates, you might think “Medicare for All” and providing universal care are the only health care ideas Democrats have.

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Could Social Security Actually Get A Benefit Expansion?

The idea that Social Security benefits should be expanded, not cut, is going mainstream.

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Midterm Results Show Health Is Important To Voters But No Magic Bullet

In taking over the House, Democrats are unlikely to be able to advance many initiatives when it comes to health policy, given the GOP’s control of the Senate and White House.

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Do you think Social Security benefits are too generous?

A political debate is raging among policy experts, economists and actuaries about the most important measure of Social Security benefit adequacy: just how much pre-retirement income is replaced.

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Obama Social Security proposal panned in Mass.

BOSTON — Republicans and Democrats in Massachusetts are faulting President Barack Obama for proposing changes that would trim Social Security and Medicare benefits. The changes, included in a federal budget plan released by the president Wednesday, would switch the way the government calculates annual cost-of-living adjustments for recipients of Social Security and other government benefit […]

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