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Having Great-Grandparents, Cousins With Alzheimer’s Linked To Higher Risk

Having a parent with Alzheimer’s disease has been known to raise a person’s risk of developing the disease, but new research suggests that having second- and third-degree relatives who have had Alzheimer’s may also increase risk.

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Report Finds Few Of Us Get Routine Memory Checkups

Medicare pays for an annual “wellness visit” that is supposed to include what’s called a cognitive assessment — a brief check for some early warning signs of dementia.

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Companies Navigate Dementia Conversations With Older Workers

Workers experiencing early stages of dementia may struggle with tasks they had completed without difficulty. Historically punctual employees may forget about scheduled meetings.

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Can Stroke Drug Also Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

An experimental drug used to treat stroke may also prevent Alzheimer’s, research suggests.

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A sign near the pond behind Brookdale Charleston warns about the potential risk of alligators. (Leigh Webber for KHN)

Assisted Living’s Breakneck Growth Leaves Safety Of Dementia Patients Behind

They found Bonnie Walker’s body floating in a pond behind her assisted living facility in South Carolina. There were puncture wounds on her ear, her temple, her jaw and her cheeks.

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In Just Six Months, Exercise May Help Those with Thinking Problems

After six months of exercise, study participants’ scores on thinking tests improved by the equivalent of reversing nearly nine years of aging.

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