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Holiday Decorating Trends: Natural, Cozy, Sustainable

Home, as we know, has become more central to many of us during the pandemic, and that means outdoors as well as in. This holiday season, designers and retailers have suggestions for updating window, door and yard decorations. 

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Revenge Of The Christmas Tree, A Holiday Challenge

It looked so promising in Home Depot. Artificial, but the perfect height, around six feet, and already adorned with white lights and “sparkles.”

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Rituals: The Benefit Of Putting Up Holiday Décor Early

Rituals such as decorating for the holidays are indeed healing and in some ways can give you back the sense of personal identity that’s been forced out during the pandemic.

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Easy ideas for the Thanksgiving table

Perhaps more than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is about tradition. The menu and tableware often vary little from year to year, and the day feels as reliable as a cozy sweater.

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